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Filippo Biagioli "Adigraf" english version

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Adigraf! This is the title of the personal exhibition of Filippo Biagioli which is going to begin on 16th March 2013 at Nroom Art Space in Tokyo and, creating an artistic path, will continue for the four following weekends. The Japanese gallery, that for the second year is presenting the work of the Italian artist, this time will dedicate its time to deepen the “graphic and symbolic” side of Biagioli’s art. Thirteen adigraf printings (a technique of reproduction by cutting into a soft rubbery sheet), made with black ink in nine copies each in 2012, will be exhibited. Moreover, it will be possible to see thirteen mixed media works made with a copy of each adigraf print.
“I really appreciate the adigraf technique, it suits my drawing style very well. I think that the contrast between the black ink and the white paper makes my subjects stand out, as they sometimes have pointy traits”, says Filippo Biagioli.
The personal exhibition will end on 6th April 2013, and then the works will be kept permanently in the gallery.

 filippo biagioli "Pulce"adigrafia su cartone vegetale cm 21x16,5; 2012

Nroom artspace
4-35-13 minami-oizumi nerima-ku Tokyo,1780064, JAPAN
tel/fax +81-(0)3-5935-9678

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