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A hymn to Italian stories

Filled with interesting and heart-warming people, places and phenomena, Caffè Italia is a bi-annual, beautifully printed collector’s item that celebrates the soul, flavour and backbone of Italy. With the help of exceptional photography and illustrations, Caffè Italia takes you on a visual journey, uncovering the extraordinary and simply unique in this country.
Il numero uno”, the first ever issue, is for people who desire that special something in life; carefully handpicked Italian tales gathered and presented on 144 pages of pure content, to be inspired by and to cherish. While the stories in “il numero uno” are exclusively on print, you can find il diario di viaggio on the web; our journal that we little by little will fill with encounters.
Caffè Italia is the brainchild of Johanna Ekmark, a Swedish photographer, who has lived and worked in Italy throughout her life. With twenty years of photographing for magazines, she one day realised she had met so many genuine and unique Italian stories - stories so far left untold, stories worth sharing. You can read more about Johanna and the team behind Caffè Italia hereand sign up to receive Johanna’s inspiring newsletter.
Caffè Italia is an independent publishing project, challenging status quo in the editorial world. We believe in the importance of real storytelling and we feel that exceptional print is still a very good way to share timeless features. We don’t have advertising pages or sponsors, the cost of the issue is therefor proportional to the work and quality behind.
Caffè Italia is supported by a carefully nurtured network of champions, “i nostri campioni”: people who feel genuine storytelling is vital and share our care for the Italian stories.
Our champions buy a small amount of each issue to use as a special giveaway. If you care to join them, please send us an emailand we will explain further.

andrea mattiello
collage su cartoncino cm 20x30; 2016

andrea mattiello - "CAFFE' ITALIA" Il numero uno

andrea mattiello - "CAFFE' ITALIA"- Il numero uno

CAFFE' ITALIA - Il nunero uno


"Grande soddisfazione per essere stato scelto come collaboratore per "il numero uno" di CAFFE' ITALIA con uno dei miei collage. Grazie Johanna Ekmark! :) "

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