lunedì 25 novembre 2013

"FACES" drawings and collages - Concept - English version


drawings  and  collages



A collection of small size works is the soul of the exhibition “FACES”- drawings and collages; thirty mixed media 25x35 cm on cardboard compose the recent production of the artist Andrea Mattiello.

Fragments and moments of everyday life are combined with thoughts, considerations and imagination, in a non-stop game of culture and banality. These are components of this new experimentation.

A graphic and essential job; rigorous, reduced to the minimun, there is nothing superfluous.

Line, as we learn from the Florentine Renaissance tradition, exalts, defines and puts the subject in a well defined space.

Pictures come from subtraction, as ghosts made visible by the environment, an hypnotic decorative and creator magma, which envelops and borders subjects making them concrete.

Colours, if present, emphasize essentiality and emptiness that we feel... But this is an emptiness made by “everything”, full of energy, where enigmatic heads fly light searching for new spaces, new lands.

White is the colour of “humus vitale”, from which develops a simple “Smile” or relive interpretations of “Vanitas” of 17th century, trees and gardens grow up or vain hopes seem to sink... hearts, feelings, dreams and desire for change move on it.      A.R.

Translated by Martina Bagatti

andrea mattiello "me"
marker and collage on cardboard cm 25x35; 2013

The show will be visible on the blog
 1 december 2013 at 19 january 2014

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