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Livin'art stems from the desire to introduce the audience to valuable artists whose works can approach art in an easy and straightforward way.
Livin'art is an idea that takes different forms in order to discover new artists and try to reveal their creative processes.
Livin'art is to conceive the purchase of an art work as an action made possible, accessible, constructive, which retains value in time.
Livin'art is the place to learn about single works of art - sculpture, painting, photography - of selected authors with the scope of providing a wide selection in genres and costs.
Livin'art is rethinking art as an ingredient of everyday life. It is the idea of conceiving art in a dimension that is close to you, to your home, or office, in order to be readily available.
Livin'art is an opportunity to begin a process of artistic research, to organize a private collection that will, at the same time, bring artistic growth to the authors involved, emphasizing art and creativity.
Livin'art is a concept that expresses current reality and reality in the making: the art of living.
Livin'art is the limitless desire for art.

Each work is accompained by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist attesting to the originality ed uniqueness of the work.

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