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Thank you for signing up on our website!

We have just launched the Caffè Italia campaign on Kickstarter , and you are the first to know!

Three years ago I came up with the idea of Caffè Italia in order to fulfill a gap I felt existed in the media world:  I was working with international magazine since many years, travelling around Italy,  but where had the place for longer genuine storytelling gone?  

So here we are today, with a printed publication in 144 pages of pure content. Caffè Italia is not a magazine (and has no ads), it's similar to a beautifully printed book, with a new issue to come each six month if we succeed in sharing the stories of "il numero uno"!

I am a photographer, and Caffè Italia captures and distills Italian stories in images, with accompanying texts in english.
Caffè Italia is a hymn to the soul, flavors and backbone of the country, and sometimes to minor tales of greater importance. Think of it as a meeting place with italian stories you might not yet have heard of!

Now go discover our publication, and if you like what we have done, join us!
Pledge for the number one issue, "il numero uno", or for any amount and share  the campaign  with your friends and family, 

with love, 
Johanna Ekmark

founder, contentmaker, photographer

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